Renewable Bioproducts

Creating green solutions for the life cycle of consumer and industry products using plant, bacteria and other bio-agent materials


A new discipline of engineering is emerging based on green chemistries. Plant scientists and other biologists in the Renewable Bioproducts research cluster forge intellectual partnerships with academic colleagues, industries, government agencies and international colleagues. They design, develop and implement sustainable, multifunctional biosolutions and discover how to harness the unique chemical properties of plants, bacteria and various bioagents to achieve ecologically safe, green solutions that outperform their non-renewable counterparts. Traditional "cradle-to-grave" products serve some use and then require disposal or waste-management. Newly developed bioproducts have the potential not only to be recycled for a single purpose but also to be genuinely renewed and re-used for multiple applications. Research spans development and deployment, with sustainable applications including alternative motor oils, solar cells, biodegradable consumer packaging and composite fibers used in the construction of buildings.

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